Welcome to Prin. M. C. Shah Commerce College

Late Shri M. C. Shah
Founder Vidyabhavan

Prin. M. C. Shah Commerce College was established in 1963 by Vidyabhavan Trust with the name, Navgujarat Arts and Commerce College. Prin. M.C.Shah being one of the founders took up the leadership to make it, and shape it. He was a noble man with able leadership qualities. With his cool reason and long vision, he was ever eager and endeavoring to inculcate high academic values and standards. His academic enterprise always aimed at social benefits.‘A good doer imparts good to the society’ was his inherent philosophy. His courage and perseverance made the institution reputed.

In 1966 the college was bifurcated into Navgujarat Arts College and Navgujarat Commerce College. Prin. M.C.Shah was the first Principal who continued to hold the post till 1986. After his death in 1996, the College was renamed and Navgujarat Commerce College turned into Prin. M.C.Shah Commerce College.

Our Mission-Vision-Goals

Our Mission is to inculcate true values and solid moral foundation in our students to give them knowledge - a light to see the difference and choose the good, learning to live and live to learn - how to lead and live life with self examination.